Rachel Madeline Pereira – Artist

As a child, I was inspired by walks with my father to woodland and wasteland. Stumbling on graffiti at an abandoned railway station, I felt there was something mystical in seeing larger-than-life Vaughn Bode creatures in pink and yellow, or Marilyn Monroe on the side of a railway building. I now seek to recreate this sense of awe by seeing the world through eyes of a child – cartoonish, and coming alive with colour.

About Me

My quiet, creative childhood in a small Somerset village set me up to become a self-taught artist.

I love to wander in the woods and lands of Europe, open-hearted and empty-handed, to allow myself to be confronted by what nature or cities might give me. The spontaneity and uncertainty of travel and synchronicity provides a steady infrastructure of overlapping ideas which can be woven into images.

I am inspired by music, folklore, history, crystals, flowers, nature, elemental realms, angels, meditation, theatre, film, children, flower essences, nutrition, yoga, travel, rap, rock, dance, parties, silence and most of all friendship, romance and love.

More about AEON

A bit about me  and me art!
What is the background to your art? Well I have always made Art since I can remember being really small and had this desk next to my window where I had this amazing view over Holcombe , in Somerset,this tiny village where I grew up. I always made stuff and drew things but art in my school was not a great thing , so I never did art past GCSE, so never went to art College or never really wanted to, it didn’t inspire me and I am not actually much interested in Art- more music.But there was this grafitti along an old abandoned railway that always totally blew me away and i think that was a huge influence, the rest of it was just that i didnt care much about what other people were doing because my imagination was so interesting
I was more into english as writing is a bigger passion for me than images.


When I was 17 I had a sort of Awakening , totally away from drugs or anything external , just some part of me woke up and was super alert and crystal clear everything seemed super magical , for quite a long time and I remember the exact moment i decided I would become an amazing artist, I lived nearly always in the skatepark and had no home for some years just stayed wherever I could and decided that I would not attend an art college as i wanted to see what would come out of me if I just stayed raw and never had a teacher.I wanted to know what was there…

 but then my dad died and that was just utterly horrible and I was in shock for like forever and we lost our home and everything was horrible and my magical lovely clear mind started to get all plagued by horrible stuff and fears and darkness and I could relate less and less to other ‘humans’,but before that happened I kind of crystalised it (the awakened feeling)into what I eventually named AEON ( or it named itself) . 


Which meant I had a place where I could always go cos I kinda knew I had no home anywhere , anymore.

I dropped out of Uni and was living in Brighton as I had gone there having decided to become a rapper, and there was a Huge hiphop/grafitti thing exploding there which was amazing at the time and got hugely influenced by that, and was one of my most prolific times , then I moved to the west and eventually the south of Ireland,also  started to be very aware of energy and metaphysics and learned reiki and mediation and stuff like that – well actually i learned meditation much younger like when i was doing GCSEs and my dad was into it so that had something to play a part too.I just would feel huge bursts of energy coming thru me and it was like an upstoppable surge where the art would just pour thru and sometimes i would just be making art for 10 hours straight without even looking up and this went on for days ,weeks months at a time. plus I never really know what the finished piece is gonna look like so I can never be disappointed. Plus it became like a kind of therapy for me in a way.


How did you come to be involved with Positive People? It was a bit of a tangle as to how I got there , but i believe it was fate and had been visualising doing a big show for quite some time so I guess it was a case of when will you ever be ready enough unless you just get on and do it. Actually what happened was I went to Social Services as I was struggling so much with health and stuff so they put me on to someone called Heather who was ‘Village agent’ which is basically someone who can meet and assess your needs, she put me on to Jon Cousins who is my Local Councillor for the Green Party as well as being a musician and part of Positive people and then it was a good while before I actually started meeting with Sylvia who has been assisting me for at least 6 months now and doing all the admin to get things to happen.I had to pick something and at first they wanted me to do a course to be a teacher but I was like , I don’t need a course for that , but then I was offered the venue for the art Exhibition and it went from there.

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